Considering that each child is a unique child we have created age appropriate curriculum for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG. The curriculum is an integrated approach of Montessori and Kindergarten and is designed keeping in minds the growing needs of a child. Apart from curicullum we aim at providing a safe, secure, healthy and hygienic environment to the children.


UKG is an important yet exciting phase for a preschooler, with an already developed fine and gross motor schools they are ready to have a take on the world. Math becomes more exciting & advanced while a lot of science concepts are introduced to a child. There is a lot of focus on building a sound vocabulary and various other skills like art & music, environmental studies and life skills are added. During the UKG program we ensure that your child is ready to have a wonderful learning experience in a formal school structure.

What your child will learn at Kids Castle?
The children at this age have already developed their fine and gross muscle skills, thus we focus on developing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.

  Interacting with elders, teachers, friends etc.
  Understanding and recognizing emotions of others.
  Converse in English
  Getting fully prepare for a formal school experience.
  Understand student-teacher relationship.

  Being expressive as well as make others understand about their feelings.
  Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  Caring for others.
  Respecting teachers.

  Greater control over the body.
  Dressing independently.
  Doing basic household chores.
  Playing outdoor games.

  Question almost everything.
  Ask meaningful questions.
  Understanding sequence of events.
  Grasping spatial relationships and the concept of time.

Age: 4 Year 6 Months to 5 year 6 months
Student Teacher Ratio: 1:12
Session Timings: 4 Hours

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