“My Child is still very small to join a Preschool!! Can they cope with separation??” If this is something that concerns you, then you are at the right place. When it comes to enrolling your toddler into a preschool there is no right or wrong age, it purely depends on your child’s development. Parents must understand that every child develops at their own pace.

As a parent you must understand whether your child is socially, emotionally and physically ready for a preschool. If you think your child is ready to take on some fun challenges and activities aiding to their overall learning and development. Then enrolling them into a preschool is a way to unlock their full potential in the most fun way. 

  • Sets a Learning foundation:  Toddlers are often running around the house, learning new things by observing their surroundings. Parents bring in toys that their kids love to assemble, and prompting their social skills by helping them interact with relatives or people around them. 

But at preschools, the teachers go a step ahead and prepare them for the academic demands by indulging them in various fun games and activities with other children that prepares them better for the future. Not just academically, but also socially.  

  • Learn in a Structured Environment: Preschools are often chaotic but well-structured which helps children follow instructions important for interaction. Raising hands to ask questions, wait for their turn to answer, learn sharing and perform group activities. Every child needs to experience this before they start school.
  • Tickle the Curiosity: Toddlers are naturally curious and have excellent questions to ask from just observing the environment. They ask questions like “Why is the moon following me? “, “Why do I see only one thing, when I have two eyes?”.

 Some questions can be pretty confusing for the parents to answer, but here’s where preschool comes into picture, the teachers  helps your child understand things in a simpler way and induce learning while engaging them into a path of exploration and interaction. 

  • Encourage Creativity: Toddlers are curious and it’s important for them to indulge into creativity which boosts their confidence. Encourage your Kids to scribble, let them get their hands dirty. At preschools their imagination is given a carefully carved path which aims at creative development of their young brains helping them to express themselves and explore the world in best ways possible. 
  • Induce Cognitive thinking: At a preschool your kid learns how to solve problems, be respectful to people beyond family and learn how to compromise. It gives them a sense of individualism while boosting confidence and helps them take small decisions which parents might be taking for them. 

They learn how to deal with small problems for which they might often depend on their parents at home like serving themselves a glass of water, some snacks or asking teachers politely for the same. 

  • Learning Basics, the Best way: Kids are like little sponges, that soak up information that’s around them. Preschool is a place that improves their grasp on speaking and understanding languages. Help them learn ABC’s and Numbers at their own pace with the help of fun activities, interesting stories and memory games. Isn’t that a great step for your kid?

Now that we have come to the end of this article, we just want to conclude with saying that preschool is all about having fun and acquiring the necessary social skills for a better development of your child. Kids need an environment where they can get creative, curious, imagine, explore and develop some important decision-making skills at their own pace. 

At KidsCastle we have made pre schooling an experience your child can’t miss. 

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