There are many reasons due to which people get stressed. While the sources of stress are mostly the same between men and women, the many responsibilities women take on makes them feel overwhelmed. 

Women often have a few more family obligations, caregiving for children and/or an elderly parent apart from work. The need to fulfil these roles and some unmet obligations tend to make them ignore their needs. 

Even the busiest mom can carve out some breathing room for herself.  Below listed are a few ways to do more with less time and feel good about herself. 

Learn to say No

Before committing to taking a new responsibility, make sure you have a clear understanding of the effort needed. Will you be able to do it without compromising on your sleep and exercise? Will the new role eat into your family time? 

Based on these, you can decide whether you can take up the additional responsibility or not. It is not easy to say no, but it is a skill that frees up time and keeps you sane.   

Set daily goals

Do you want to be seen as and treated like a superwoman? Setting a realistic goal will help save you from disappointments. Superheroes are good to watch on the screen, and it won’t help if you try to be one. Learn not to be a perfectionist. Don’t obsessively clean the house. Find better use for your time – grab the few minutes to put your feet up with a hot cup of tea!

Learn to delegate.

Allow your spouse to braid your little girl’s hair. Yes, it may not be the best braid; resist the urge to undo and redo it yourself. It will go a long way in making your spouse understand the effort needed to care for your toddlers. It is necessary to ask your kids to pitch in and help. Delegating is not about admitting defeat; it is about allowing your family to rally for each other.

Don’t multitask

Trying to multitask can be disastrous. People perform better when they focus on the task at hand. Stop worrying about the project your daughter needs to submit the next day when you’re at work. Provide support if she asks for it. She will grow into a responsible individual.

Stay Fit

Set a routine for self-care. It could be something as simple as a 25-30 mins walk or practising yoga or meditation, learning to make and indulge yourself to some healthy yet exotic salads! It could be ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

Have some fun  

To continue to be productive, learn to relax and de-stress. Take some time out, if possible, go for a short vacation. Pick up a hobby! Learn to knit or crochet. Learn music or learn to play chess. It will keep you engaged and allow you to express your emotions. Learning a new skill will improve your self-esteem.

In conclusion: Love yourself, more than anything, be kind to yourself. It is impossible to feel good if you are constantly berating yourself for a speck of dust on the bookshelf or crumpled shirt. A fitter and more relaxed you is way better than a stressed and tired you!