DIY Festive gifts – Involve your kid in making gifts  


Gifting on special occasions is a cherished tradition in most families. During the holiday season, children will be faced with gift-giving decisions shaping their values about giving.

When we look beyond the act of giving gifts, research in child development shows us that the gift-giving process helps shape their identities. As a caring parent, you can help your children enjoy their gift-giving experiences and turn it into fun-filled experience.

Below are a few ideas to add to your kid’s excitement

1. DIY coffee mug drawing /painting

A hand-painted coffee mug could be a great idea – get a plain coffee mug and help your kid to draw with permanent markers and design it for a beautiful look. Let the kid choose the colours to design or paint it. You can help the kid with the name, initials or even nicknames of the family member to be drawn and painted. This gift can be an excellent New year’s gift made by your child! This gift would be thoughtful and unique, and the receiver will love and cherish it.

2. Thermocol coasters 

Sounds interesting? Yes, cut a Thermocol sheet into different shapes and sizes; help your kid give it a few coats of glue and paint it after it dries. A smiley or fun image with a splash of bright colour is enough. Further, fix a few felt sheets at the bottom of the coaster to make it firm for usage. These coasters are a simple and gorgeous gift.  

3. Button art

Button art is yet another simple art that your kids can do. It can also be a memory board.

Collect buttons of different colours, sizes, and shapes. As per the size and shape, stick buttons with the help of glue. Let the kid draw alphabets, simple line drawings of animals, flowers, or smileys on the stiff cardboard.

Your kid can be as creative and make different articles, such as gift cards, decorating a photo frame, ornaments for the Christmas tree and more.  

4. Painting on a tablecloth

Painting on the tablecloth is another exciting yet tricky craft. Give the kid a  plain, light-coloured tablecloth, and the entire process can be done with adult supervision. 

Help the kid draw a design of their choice and paint it with fabric colours; display this tablecloth on the table after drying. The kid will be appreciated by all the near and dear ones and visitors when they see the tablecloth. It will make you proud of your child’s creativity.

5. Christmas tree on art sticks

Kids at school usually do this age-old art during the festive season or before breaking off for Christmas vacation. Ice cream sticks are stuck together with glue and placed on cardboard. The sticks are coloured like the Christmas tree with dark green and white shades. Add snowballs made with cotton bits stuck with glue. The kids will be immensely pleased with their art.

6. DIY medicine box for grandparents

Medicine box art is easy, simple and cute. Give your child a shoe box or any cardboard box. Please provide them thick cardboard pieces to make partitions glued to the box. Let them decorate with coloured sheets glued on the box’s sides, top, and bottom. Later cut out pictures of animals, toys, or flowers and stick them on the top and sides of the box. Help your child write the days of the week in each partition. A handmade medicine box is a fabulous gift to the grandparents that will be cherished by both the giver and the receiver. 


Doing easy and thoughtful DIY festive gifts brings joy to family and friends. Each gift is fun for the kids and will make a keepsake that parents and grandparents will cherish for years ahead. The kids enjoy homemade festive gifts. They will also remember this activity for a long time – time well spent with kids shows that you appreciate their company and are willing to participate in activities of their choice.