“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” – Fred Rogers

Playing is an integral part of your child’s development. Children are curious about their surroundings and are always in search of answers. Often you might be stuck with a bunch of questions that even you might find difficult to answer. Research has found that playing encourages learning in children, especially when they play with educational toys, as they promote learning through play. 

Children should be encouraged to play with educational toys to boost curiosity & imagination, enhance their social skills and helps in motor development. You are not right if you are worried that your child is too young to play with educational toys. These toys are specially designed for children; they won’t even realise they are learning amid all the playing. 

Benefits of educational toys and games for your children:

Improved Concentration

Children have the slightest attention span, and they get disinterested very quickly. As parents, you can try some early development methods to increase your child’s attention span. One of the easy ways is through educational toys as they make learning fun. It further improves your child’s interest in learning and helps them acquire new skills while playing. 

Boost Creativity and Imagination  

Educational toys nurture growth and development and enhance your child’s ability to think creatively. Children love to explore their surroundings. These educational toys will enable them to explore and experiment with their creativity and curiosity. 

Emotional and Social Development

Educational toys help with skill and motor development and help your child build social and emotional skills. The educational toys need the children to play with other children or adults, which help them develop social skills. Playing helps understand emotional cues like laughter, excitement, anger and crying.  Educational toys indulge your child in activities like sharing, waiting, leadership that helps their social development. 

Problem Solving Skills

Educational toys challenge your child’s mind and encourage them to think. These toys have a particular sequence to solving a problem. They may have different levels of complexity. As the levels of complexity increase, your child will have to give it more attention, thinking and energy. Ensure that your child takes a break from time to time as it is energy-consuming at times. This kind of toy also help them handle real-time issues efficiently and develop problem-solving skills. 

Boosting IQ

Educational toys help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, memory, motor skills and identification skills. These skills help your child’s IQ increase gradually, and these toys are fun to play with and help retain their skills. 

Parents, you now know how educational toys help your child’s early development. We all love to shower our children with love and often spend some fortune on toys and gifts. We hope this article helped you learn about educational toys and understand their importance in their early stages of development.