Among the skyscrapers and busy streets of the city, parents wonder how to engage their urban pre-schoolers in activities that introduces them to nature. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to bring nature to these little city dwellers.

This blog post discusses the importance of nature in early childhood development and offers pre-schoolers a variety of urban-friendly activities.

The Value of Nature for Urban Pre-schoolers

Urban living can limit young children’s exposure to nature, which is important for their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Nature experiences boost concentration, creativity, and wonder. Outdoor activities also encourage early fitness and environmental responsibility.

Activities for Pre-schoolers – Community Garden Excursions:

Pre-schoolers can learn about planting, growing, and harvesting in community parks or gardens. Make the experience interactive and educational with guided tours or hands-on activities like planting seeds, watering plants, and observing butterflies.

Nature Scavenger Hunts:

Create discovery playgrounds in cities. organise scavenger hunts to help pre-schoolers identify leaves, flowers, and colours in the neighbourhood park. Reward the adventure with small prizes.

Excursion to Botanical Garden:

A trip to the Lalbhag botanical garden can be a captivating adventure for young minds. They will be exposed to a world of blooming flowers, towering trees, and exotic plants. Children can embark on a journey of discovery, learning about various plant species and the fascinating world of botany.

Nature-Based Art Classes:

Nature-themed art brings nature indoors. Create beautiful collages with leaves, twigs, and flowers or enjoy sidewalk chalk art outside your apartment block. Kids can express their creativity and connect with natural materials.

Outdoor Storytime:

Storytime in a park or green space. Being in nature while reading nature books enhances learning. Encourage environmental and story-related animal and plant discussions.
Read more about the kind of stories to tell your kids

Seasonal festivities:

Schedule seasonal celebrations around nature’s changes. Spring flowers, rainy season puddles, and winter snowmen can create lasting memories and a connection to nature.
With Makara Sankranti round the corner, talk about seasons and practices held during the festival.

Tips to Promote Nature Love

Make Your Home Green:

Potted plants, nature-themed art, and outdoor books can be used in the home. This emphasizes the value of nature in daily life.

Nature Trips with Family:

Taking your kid to the Mysore zoo is like entering a magical world of amazing animals. Show them how the elephants swing their trunks, monkeys jump, and colourful birds chirp. Lions roar, giraffes stretch, and tigers prowl. It cab be a day of excitement and joy, a chance to teach your child about animals and why we should take care of them. So, hold their hand, and let the adventure begin!

Encourage Outdoor Play:

Allow unstructured outdoor play in green spaces. Children can explore and appreciate nature at their own pace. Don’t worry too much about the small cuts and bruises, it is a learning too.


Urban pre-schoolers can develop a love of nature, which is essential for their holistic development. Parents can help pre-schoolers develop a lifelong love of nature by incorporating these fun activities into their daily routine.

We at Kids Castle Preschool we promote mindful curriculum, we encourage travel for young minds, enhancing their brain development through hands-on learning experiences and socialization. We follow a theme-based curriculum, involving monthly activities and trips to various locations like the fruit and vegetable shop, flower nursery, banks, library, traffic signal, and museums to broaden a child’s understanding.

 In conclusion, urban pre-schoolers can discover the world and love it with a little creativity despite the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

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