Here are 6 Winter Health Myths Busted

With winter around the corner, we thought it was an excellent time to bust a few common winter myths.

Myth #1: consumption of Vitamin C prevents colds.

Or getting kids to consume extra vitamins and minerals can keep them from falling sick in the winter.

Doctors say that vitamin C doesn’t significantly help you from falling sick.

Consuming vitamin C or other vitamins without consulting your child’s paediatrician is not good. Ensuring the child gets a balanced and healthy diet may provide adequate vitamins and minerals – so it’s best to talk to your paediatrician or nutritionist before adding vitamins to your kid’s diet.

Myth #2: Kids catch a cold from playing outdoors without warm clothes

We see mothers wrapping their kids in thick sweaters or jackets, and the kid looks mighty uncomfortable! The fear also extends to the wet hair of the child.

Cold and the flu are caused by viruses, not by playing outdoors in the cold. If your kid is playing outside with another child who is sick with a cold or the flu, then there are possibilities of them catching the virus.

Being adequately dressed is a good idea, though it won’t stop them from catching an infection such as a cold or flu. In extreme weather, it can help the kid avoid frostbite or hypothermia.

Myth #3: Drinking hot/warm liquids warm you up

While drinking a cup of hot chocolate or other warm beverage on a cold day is a winter activity many people enjoy. When you drink warm water or a beverage, do you notice you start to sweat a little? While drinking warm liquids makes you feel warm, the body tries to keep it cool by sweating. 

Medical reports say drinking hot liquid frequently harms the oesophagus.

Myth #4: No Need To Drink Water In Winter

Whatever the season, we need fluids to regulate our body temperature. So, irrespective of the season, ensuring your kid drinks ample water is a must. Making your kid drink abundant water ensures that their body maintains a fluid balance and skin is hydrated and supple. 

Myth #5: Your kid won’t get a sunburn during winter

Though the sun’s rays don’t feel as strong in the winter as in the summer, they can cause sunburn. Use sunscreen year-round.

During winter, use a good moisturizer. Kids tend to fuss about having a bath during the winter, and the bath water tends to be a little hot. Also, lack of humidity and dry air leads to itchy, dry skin during the winter. Ensure that you use mild soap for your child’s bath and apply a moisturizer to help avoid dry skin.  

Myth #6: Your kids won’t get allergies during the winter.

Some kids have allergies throughout the year, even during the winter.

The indoor air quality tends to worsen in the winter due to closed windows, people spending time indoors, and mould thriving in the winter. Children, who suffer from an allergic reaction to dust mites, mould, or pet dander, need to continue taking their allergy medicines.

These are some of the common myths we came across. Please mention some that you have heard in the comments below.