Time is always in short supply for busy parents, especially in the mornings. Getting your kids ready on time for school can be testing even for the best time managers!

This article will discuss a few ways to make your mornings a lot more efficient and less stressful for your kids.

Start the Night Before

With a bit of planning, you can finish a few tasks the night before, when you’re less stressed and more relaxed. Knowing that you are halfway ready will make your mornings pleasant.

Here are the tasks that you can do the night before:
Pick out the clothes and keep them ready. Kids tend to be choosy, and getting their buy-in can considerably ease your morning rush. Likewise, plan their breakfast and snacks. If possible, pack their backpacks with all the essentials, such as homework, snacks, etc. You might want to try hanging their backpacks on a hook in the hall to grab as they head out in the morning. No more hunting for that errant sock or the completed homework on their desk, with minutes to spare!

Plan the breakfast

Keep the pancake mix or the dosa batter ready. Healthy breakfast options can be prepared a day ahead. A breakfast well planned will reduce your time in the kitchen. Get your kid accustomed to a healthy chapathi omelette roll, a multi grain-veg sandwich, or even a vegetable pulao or fried rice. Like breakfast, lunch preparation can be made the night before,
saving a lot of time in the morning.

Good nutrition means a healthy and attentive child, so remember to include chopped veggies, a few dry nuts or fruit in the lunch box. Setting the geyser on the night before can help get the shower done in a jiffy. The kids will go to school smelling fresh and looking smart, boosting their confidence and winning some friends.

Play some Music

Gadgets meant for entertainment and communication tend to be a massive drain on time! What rule applies to the child also applies to the adult. Ensure that you don’t switch on the TV in the morning and if you do so, make sure it is after everyone is ready for school/office.

If you can, play some music of your preference – it could be their favourite nursery rhymes or devotional music of your choice! Music being a mood lifter, can come in handy in elevating the mood all around.

Empower your child

If you want to reduce your stress and make your child less dependent, slowly start delegating small chores to your kids. If you have two kids, designate each child with simple tasks like filling the water bottle, picking the music, or anything else the child can safely do and feel good about it.

Most importantly, when they return from school, set a rule to keep the bag, sock, shoe and lunch bag in their designated places. Also, inculcate a habit of checking the homework and plans for the next day. Check if they have a school project or a test the next day. Do they have a contest they need to prepare for or a game?

If you’re looking for ways to get your kid ready for school on time and your morning routines less stressful, try the tips listed above and share your experience. You can also help other parents by sharing your tips and tricks here.