Introducing your kids to drawing and craft activities encourages creativity and artistic expression, which helps your child’s overall development. Indulge your kids in simple hand painting activities, colour stamps, easy craft projects and much more.  

Art has endless benefits; it helps child development by improving motor skills, developing patience, and improving focus time and problem-solving abilities. Independently finishing an art project can also give your kids a boost in self-esteem.  

Let your children experience art and craft that keeps them engaged with little fun activities. Here is a list of ways you can introduce your kids to drawing and craft: 

The First Painting 

This fun activity can be your kid’s perfect introduction to art. You will need watercolours, crayons, watercolour paper, paintbrushes and some stickers. Tape down the paper onto a flat surface and paste the stickers onto the paper. Now, let your kids fill the paper with paint or crayons. Once the painting has dried, remove the tape and the stickers to reveal white spaces in their artwork. You can leave the white spaces, or your kid can fill the spaces with some contrasting colours. You can help your kids choose the colours.  

Scribble Time 

Scribbling is the best art project for a toddler. It is fun and exciting, and the abstract form of this painting is very forgiving. Get some sheets of paper, oil pastels or crayons, watercolours, tape and paintbrushes. Tape the paper onto a flat surface and let your kids scribble with the oil pastels or crayons. After that, they can fill the remaining spaces with watercolour paint.  

Salt Magic 

Your kids can create some beautifully textured papers with just some paper, saltwater, colours and paintbrushes. Let them fill in the paper with watercolour paint. They can sprinkle or add salt onto the wet paper. Let the painting dry, then carefully brush away the excess salt. The effect is different based on the paper’s dampness and the kind of paper used. Your kids’ artwork is now packed with beautiful patterns left by the salt flakes.

Leaf Stamps 

Leaf stamping is an exciting and beautiful way your kids can decorate their paintings. You will need some leaves of different shapes and sizes, watercolours and watercolour papers. Tape down the paper and let your kids paint the back of the leaves. After that, they can press the leaf on the paper and slowly remove or lift the leaves to reveal the beautiful patterns left by the leaves. Let the paint dry, and voila, the painting is ready.  

Create Greeting Cards 

Making greeting cards for any special occasion can be a great craft activity for your kids. It would be best if you had some paper, scissors, pencils, crayons and glue. Help your kids fold the craft paper into two equal parts. Let them draw anything they choose, on the outside the greeting card. You can help them experiment with various kinds of embellishments like sequins, glitter, grains etc. After they finish drawing and painting, help them write a message on the inside of the greeting card.  

Above are some exciting ways to introduce your kids to drawing and craft activities. We hope you find these helpful and that your kids enjoy doing these fun yet easy activities.

Share your experience painting with your children and also share some of your creative ideas.