Toddlers are naughty, stubborn and defy logic often. As the toddlers reach the age of 2 or 3, they realise that they are separate individuals from their parents or caregivers. They start being assertive, show independence as much as possible and communicate about their likes and dislikes. This is the age when language development takes place, which helps them communicate effectively. Toddler behaviour can be challenging to control or even understand at times. 

This article will help you understand some challenging toddler behaviours and how to deal with them effectively. 

The “No” Spree

Toddlers might often throw tantrums like, “No, I don’t want to eat this. No, I don’t want to go to sleep. No, I don’t want to get into the car and much more.” Remember that they are beginning to understand them as an individual and it’s essential to explore the world and acknowledge their opinion but remember that to keep their options limited. Toddlers can’t differentiate between what’s good for them and what’s not. It is advised to be patient with your toddlers, understand why they need to do something in a particular way for their good, and explain it until they understand. A little extra patience goes a long way. 

The Mess-merised Toddler

Throwing toys, clothes, digging into the soil and grabbing whatever they can with those tiny hands in no particular direction is the ultimate toddler behaviour. Toddlers are now on the fun ride of exploration. Let them make the most out of their curiosity. Make sure you keep items with potential danger at a safe distance from them. Even if they are dumping and throwing stuff, you turn cleaning up a fun activity with your toddler. 

The Tantrum Machine

Since toddlers have started being individuals, they develop emotions that help them interact or react to their surroundings. They might often get confused and find it hard to acknowledge how they are feeling, and end up throwing tantrums. As a parent, you will be annoyed but, wait it out. Just take a few deep breaths and give them time to get out of their bad mood. Every time they throw a tantrum, keep a note of their trigger points. It will prove very helpful in the future.

The Bee Mode

Toddlers are packed with energy and often channel it doing mindless stuff like constantly running around and spinning in circles. It might be fun for them, but it can be frustrating for the parents, especially in the public. But controlling them only makes them throw more tantrums. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Most people find the toddler’s behaviour cute and are pretty tolerant about it. 

The Fighter

Toddlers might often push, bite, and punch as it might get a little frustrating for them to communicate or control their emotions as they have just started developing these skills. Set up rules about acceptable toddler behaviour and let them know about the consequences of their misbehaviour. Toddlers being toddlers, will try to push boundaries consistently. Still, as a parent, you can patiently follow through with such events, help them avoid misbehaviour, and channel the energy into doing something safe for them. 


Managing a toddler can be an arduous task, but that’s parenting. There are good days and bad, but our parents’ love for the kids increases every day. We hope this article helped you understand toddler behaviours better. Thank you for reading.