Impact of storytelling on your child’s life

Storytelling is both an art and a science and a fundamental part of being human.

We all share stories with our friends and colleagues. Stories of family, work, and experiences on our way to work!

Learning From Stories:

Storytelling is a life skill. Stories help us share information and create an emotional connection. We refer to myths or folklore to explain concepts during our conversation. Information shared in the form of a story is memorable compared to what is merely shared as an instruction.

Reading biographies not only helps us to understand their lives, but we get valuable lessons they have learned and apply them to our own. Motivating them with stories of inspiring people can help them build their confidence.

Overcoming Fear:

It is said that speaking in public is one of the most significant fears people experience. It is due to the fear of looking foolish in front of an audience. People invest a substantial amount of money in overcoming stage fright and improving their body language or overcoming inhibitions. You will help yourself and your child overcome this fear without their knowledge.

Becoming Better Communicators:

Make sure you’re expressive and excited while you’re reading a story. Use actions and exhibit positive and happy body language or use the right emotions relevant to the story. Encouraging your kid to read quotes by different characters in a movie or a story, in different voices will help them modulate their voice.

Expressions & gestures add immensely to communication skills. If they watch you having fun, it will encourage your children to use body language effectively and become more expressive.

Exposure to Different Cultures:

With little effort, you can tell them stories from different cultures. This will help them understand those countries and activate their curiosity to know more.

Build a Vocabulary

Read the stories in English, their second language and even in a third language. You can include words from different languages when reading stories from other cultures!

If there is a term that your kids are unfamiliar with, make sure you check the meaning in a dictionary and understand the usage of the word and its synonyms.

You’ll realise that investing your time and energy into telling a story will excite your kids and make them enjoy it. You will also create a special bond with your children with all the shared stories.

Isn’t that interesting?