Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” ― Mary Shelley.

Change is not easy for anyone, and children are no different. They feel unsettled when they leave the comfort of home and go to Day Care because it means a drastic change in their routine and stepping into an unknown place and people. The separation between kids and parents, primarily the mother, affects them. Therefore, the first few days or weeks are challenging for parents and kids.

In this blog, we will discuss how parents can ease the transition.

Prepare yourself.

It is not easy to have your child cry and cling to you as you drop them off at Day Care. To make this transition, you should remain calm.

Gradual introduction is the key.

You can visit the center with your child a few times before their actual start date. Encourage them to explore the place and interact with caregivers and other kids. It allows your child to become familiar with the environment and the staff. It also allows you to communicate with your kid about changes in the routine and the fun time they can have with other kids.

Try Phased Transition:

If your Day Care center allows, you can briefly leave your child at the center on the first day and gradually increase it. It will enable adequate time for your kid to get acquainted with the place. It reduces the stress of separation in the child.

Prepare your Child for Day Care:

Talk to your child about the Day Care and why they are attending. Motivate them with the positive aspects, such as making new friends and fun activities.

Show your child how the other children are enjoying themselves when you visit to drop off your child. Speak positively about the place even when adults in the family are discussing it. Often, adults assume that they are having a conversation by themselves, but the child will be paying attention and absorbing the emotions. It helps the child prepare for the coming days and feel more confident.

Show Confidence:

Saying goodbye to your kids with confidence shows them that they are in a safe place. Children can sense what their parents are feeling. If you seem upset or anxious, your child is more likely to experience the same feeling. Therefore, cheer them with a happy and confident face while saying goodbye.

Build trust with Caregivers:

If possible, take time to communicate with your child’s caregivers about their unique needs. It allows the Day Care staff to understand your child better and address their needs. Request them to allow your child to bring their favourite objects, such as toys or a water bottle. It comforts them to have a familiar object that makes them feel at home.

Spend Quality Time:

Working parents may not have sufficient time to spend with their child during weekdays. You can make up for the lost time during weekends. Spend quality time with them, and take them out. It reduces your stress about not having an opportunity to bond with your child.

Be patient

Some kids adapt quickly, while others take longer to settle into the new routine. Be patient and understanding throughout the adjustment process. Offer them plenty of positivity, pay attention to what they say, and provide reassurance when they feel anxious about their experience at Day Care.


In conclusion, a supportive approach, preparation, and open communication with kids can make transitioning from home care to Day Care less challenging. At Kids Castle Day Care, caregivers play a leading role in nurturing positive behaviour while involving parents with open arms.

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