The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the festive cheer than by creating beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments with your pre-schoolers! In Bangalore, where vibrant cultures and traditions converge, let’s explore some easy and delightful ornament crafts that your kids can make to add a personal touch to their Christmas celebrations.

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1. Paper Quilled Jingle Bells:

Gather colourful paper strips, glue, and tiny jingle bells for this delightful ornament. Show the kids how to quill the paper strips into coils and attach them to form unique patterns. This is an activity where you can rekindle your creative skills and spend quality time with your kids. Glue a jingle bell at the center, and voila! Hang these Paper Quilled Jingle Bells on your Christmas tree or let your kid gift it their friends in the class.

2. Fabric Scrap Angels:

Encourage eco-friendly crafting by using fabric scraps for some colourful, adorable angel ornaments. Provide pre-school kids with small pieces of fabric, ribbons, and googly eyes. Show them how to fashion angels by folding and tying the fabric, creating flowing robes. Add a ribbon for hanging, and your tree will be adorned with these sweet, fabric scrap angels.

3. Saree Ribbon Candy Canes:

Repurpose old or unused sarees or duppattas into vibrant ribbon candy canes. Cut the fabric into strips, twist two contrasting u together, and shape them into candy canes. Add a small bow at the top using additional fabric or ribbons. These Saree Ribbon Candy Canes not only bring a touch of Indian textiles to your tree but also serve as a wonderful upcycling project. You can explain to your child the importance of upcycling materials that don’t serve any purpose.

4. Sequin-Adorned Henna Hands:

Celebrate the intricate beauty of henna art by creating Sequin-Adorned Henna Hands ornaments. Provide your kid with plain cardboard hand cut-outs, glue, and colourful sequins. Encourage them to decorate the hands with sequins in henna-inspired patterns. Attach a ribbon for hanging, and these ornaments will showcase the elegance of Indian henna designs.

5. Cardboard Cottages:

If you’re wondering what to do with that big basket packaging, well here is your answer!
Transform those paperboard or cardboard boxes into adorable cottages to create a village setup. Assist your kids to cut the medium-weight cardboard or paperboard into cute cottage shapes, paint and adorn them with sequins.

  1. Ribbon Tree Decorations:

Once you have finished wrapping the gifts, you may be left with a lot of ribbons. You can encourage your child to experiment with different types of bows instead of throwing it away.   


This Christmas, let the creativity of your kids shine with these DIY ornament ideas that blend the festive spirit with the rich cultural heritage of India. From quilled jingle bells to Ribbon Candy Canes, each ornament can tell a unique story and make your children proud. Gather your kid and their friends, explore these crafts, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We at kids castle encourage kids to learn about patterns and other creative designs in the nursery section itself as they are very receptive at this age.

Here is team Kids Castle wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy DIY time! & please subscribe to our YouTube channel.