Parents are the primary anchors for their kids in all aspects of their preschool education. On the other hand, preschools lay the foundation for their intellectual and social development.

Your job as a parent is not over after enrolling your child in a preschool. Let us dive into the importance of your involvement in your kid’s preschool education and how preschools can facilitate it.

How important is parental involvement in preschool education?

Research from the National Education Association has shown that parental engagement is associated with better academic outcomes for children, including improved cognitive and language development, higher achievement test scores, and better social-emotional development.

Some studies have linked parental involvement to long-term positive outcomes, such as increased high school graduation rates, higher levels of education, and improved job prospects.  

What is the role of preschools in nurturing parental involvement?

Parental involvement may vary based on various aspects, such as cultural, social, and economic factors.

Parents may not be able to oversee their kids’ preschool education due to a lack of time, language barriers, or the skills required to handle kids, especially the first ones.

Some parents may assume that the teachers will mould their children and they can take a back seat. However, parents’ involvement is essential, as parents can provide 1-2-1 support that a school may be unable to provide.

The best preschools help parents to acquire essential skills required to contribute to their kids’ education and overall development in the following ways.


The primary goal is to have an effective collaboration and communication with the preschool to work together for greater trust and to assist both teachers and parents in fostering and promoting the growth and well-being of a child’s success. This enables parents to stay abreast of their children’s academic progress at school and help as required. Communication ensures that the children make academic progress and creates a secure environment for children.

Supportive Environment at home:

Parents and instructors should be on the same page when it comes to comprehending the child’s capabilities and creating an environment conducive to the child’s positive development. The parent’s involvement with the school acts as an additional support and provides a clear understanding of what the child is learning in preschool; they then collaborate with the teacher to help the child learn the lessons or hone the acquired skill to enrich the child’s learning experience.

Participate in your child’s school’s management team:

Parents may serve on the school’s management team. A group of parents can assist with the initial days of school reopening to ensure a seamless transition. By participating in the association at the preschool, parents can play an essential role in suggesting a few adjustments or improvements at school. This creates a greater level of transparency and comprehension between the parents and school administration.

Planning of Preschool education excursions:

It would be of great assistance to the school if parents participated in the planning and execution of educational trips for their children, with age-appropriate activities planned. It would be beneficial if a few parents accompanied the instructors on the excursion to help manage the children.

Event Management: 

It would be fantastic if parents assisted the school event management for sports or annual day activities. If assistance is needed in teaching the children to dance, a few parents with good dancing skills can assist in teaching the children to dance. Parents with good craft skills can help make props for the event, arrange food and snacks, and assist teachers in managing the children on the day of the event. 

Engaging in the special needs of the child, parents can volunteer to assist children with learning difficulties by providing individualised care. Whether it’s language, mathematics, or any other learning obstacle, parents can help their children overcome it. To assist the teacher in managing the child more effectively, parents can volunteer to serve as auxiliary teachers by taking turns assisting children who need assistance at no additional cost.

Storytelling session:

Parents could be invited to the school once a month to conduct a reading session for the children or a storytelling session. This would not only encourage parents to participate in an interactive session with their children, but it would also stimulate their critical thinking and instil a joy of literature. Read more on benefits of Storytelling:


In conclusion, parental involvement in preschool education is crucial for a child’s academic and social success. Collaboration between parents and preschool imparts long-term positive effects on children’s education. 

If the parents are involved with the school and the children experience support from both parties to ensure their success in and out of school, the children gain a sense of involvement and are more likely to succeed academically.

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