Nature-based learning is an approach that connects children with nature to enhance their learning skills and development. Classroom teaching provides theoretical knowledge and inculcates discipline. On the other hand, nature-based education exposes kids to the outside world.

This blog provides insights into various aspects of nature-based learning and its benefits for a preschool kid.

Preschool activities and curriculum that constitute nature-based teaching.

Outdoor Learning

Preschools designate an outdoor space where kids can freely explore and engage with nature under the oversight of teachers. These could be a garden or local park within the premises or a nearby locality.

Kids can pick up anything that interests them and learn by observing and playing with it. Open space allows them to ask questions and helps improve their practical learning skills.

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Storytelling and Literature

Preschools include books, stories, and poems about nature in their curriculum. It gives children insights into characters and describes the elements of nature, such as plants, animals, and clouds.

The lessons and songs let the kids know more about what they observe daily outside their homes. They also help them identify interesting things mentioned in the classroom through stories, songs, and poems. 

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Field trips or nature walks

Preschools encourage parents to take their kids on regular walks in parks, allow them to ask questions about activities around them, and answer and interact with them about the same.

Preschools may organize field trips to nearby forest areas, farms, and botanical or zoological gardens. These places provide ample opportunities to engage with nature and observe exciting phenomena.

Animal interaction

Visiting local zoos, aquariums, and wildlife sanctuaries, allows kids to observe, play and interact with animals. Under the guidance of teachers, they can practically learn about animal behavior by watching them. These experiences feed the kids with curiosity and lay the foundation for appreciating diversity among living beings.

Having a pet and taking the help of your kid in caring for your pet will add another dimension to your child’s learning.

How does your kid benefit from nature-based learning?

Improved motor skills

Outdoor activities allow children to engage in unstructured play, such as running, hopping, jumping, climbing, and balancing. Hence, they promote physical activity and motor skills.

In the process of exploring nature, they engage in multiple movements simultaneously. It helps them improve their hands, legs, and trunk coordination. These things help acquire artistic skills, such as dance and athletic sports.

Better emotional and social development

Nature fosters emotional well-being by providing a calming and nurturing environment. Spending time in natural settings reduces stress and helps kids be active.

It is even more beneficial to kids who quickly become anxious in a crowd. Outdoor activities help them shed their fear and slowly mingle and interact with other kids.

Improved attention and concentration

Generally, kids have short attention spans. They get easily distracted by their surroundings. Nature-based learning captures their interest and improves their concentration. In turn, it positively impacts their learning abilities both inside and outside the classroom.

Improved language and communication skills

While exploring nature, children come across numerous things for the first time. It improves their vocabulary in the process of learning them. Interaction with other preschool kids during outdoor activities improves their descriptive language.

Foundation for lifelong learning

Nature-based learning ignites a sense of exploration, questioning, and discovery by invoking immense curiosity. It lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and fosters a growth mindset.


In conclusion, preschool education augmented with nature-based learning promotes the overall development of kids. It lays a strong foundation for further education and kids’ learning abilities.

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